Who are we?

We are a small independent game studio located in Olsztyn, Poland.
With the backing of Modern Wolf we're currently busy working away at our first game...

Work smarter. Not harder.

Instead of throwing manpower or money at a problem, we look for intelligent or even automated ways to solve it.

Stay Small, think big!

From experience we have found that a small focused team operates much more efficiently than a large one.

Complex Stories

Nothing is black & white. We want our stories to reflect that with complex characters, moral gray areas and hidden agendas.

Gameplay over Graphics

Looks are important... But realism is expensive. Instead our focus is on gameplay and story.

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How are we doing it?

Generating Content

Being a small studio, we focus heavily on user controlled, but generated content for our games.

Visual Style

Knowing that we can't compete with larger studios in creating realistic looking content, we've chosen a simpler art style so that we can focus on story & gameplay.

Focused Work

Work smart... Not hard. It is not the quantity of hours spent working, but the quality of the work that comes out of it.

Where are we?


Ul. Staromiejska 8/9
Olsztyn, Poland


+48 792 747 939